Travel Packing Checklist

NO. List Note
1 Passport Please confirm and ensure that the expiry date of your passport is valid for longer than 6 months for your visa application (requirements by Taiwan government)
2 Visa Applicants will receive the following documentation for the visa application: Approval letter from MOHW Invitation letter from TIHTC
*more information for visa application
3 Air Tickets
4 New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) or USD Taoyuan Airport is one of the most convenient places to change money once you arrive in Taiwan. You can find Bank of Taiwan which is 24 hours open in the airport:
1F, Terminal 1 (Non – Controlled Area)
1F, Terminal 1 (Arrival Area)
1F, Terminal 2 (Arrival Area)
*Foreign Exchange Rate
5 Insurance TIHTC will provide Accident Insurance, and applicants need to cover their own Medical Insurance
6 Travel Adapter Taiwan operates on a 110V supply voltage and 60Hz. There are 2 associated plug types, plug type A is the plug which has 2 flat parallel pins and plug type B is the plug which has 2 flat parallel pins and a grounding pin.
7 Mobile Phone
8 SIM Card (Taiwan) It is best to buy your Taiwanese SIM Card at the airport
9 Personal Clothing & Shoes
10 Physician / Nurse Uniform
11 Personal Medication
12 Credit Card
13 Laptop
14 Power Bank