Less than 7 Days:US$ 72 / NT$ 2,000 per person

Less than 15 Days:US$ 108 / NT$ 3,000 per person

More than 15 Days ~ 1 month:US$ 180 / NT$ 5,000 per person

Please pay the accommodation fee to our staff on the first day

Room Facilities

Wi-Fi, TV, Air Condition, Refrigerator, Computer, Hair Dryer, Rice Cooker, Thermos, Towel, Toiletry, Toothbrush, Slippers, Tableware

Checking out of the dormitory

* Notify TIHTC staff about your departure time/travel arrangements

* Turn off all the electric device and close the window

* Leave the key on the table in the room then lock the door from inside


*The dormitory rooms, regardless of size and layout are charged the same, and are subject to the arrangements of TIHTC.

*Trainees are to lodge in their assigned rooms and are not allowed to switch to other rooms.