Healthcare Management & National Health Insurance

Taiwan is well-known and ranked as the country with the most affordable and accessible National Health Insurance (NHI) in the world. The objectives of this program are to improve concepts and skills in healthcare management, the development of national health insurance policy, promote leadership and intellectual development in management of international healthcare affairs, and facilitate international exchanges on healthcare affairs. The course will cover the core health leadership and competitiveness in depth.


● Medical Care & Public Health System in Taiwan

● Hospital Information System in Taiwan

● Hospital Financial Management & Decisions

● Healthcare Reform in Remote & Offshore Areas

● Quality of Care & Patient Safety

● Hospital Accreditation

● Long-term Care Service in Taiwan

● Taiwan’s NHI System & Perspectives

● Taiwan’s NHI Medical Information & MediCloud System

● and more...


● Health Center

● Long-term Care Center

● and more...


Emergency Care & Burn Injuries Management

This training is co-organized by Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine and Taiwan Society for Burn Injuries and Wound Healing

Emergency care is an essential part of the health system and serves as the first point of contact for the acutely ill and injured around the world.

In the New Taipei Water Park dust explosion incident in 2015, where over 500 patients were burned with an average body surface of 40%, the prompt emergency response and timely treatment managed to keep the death toll at a minimum. The objective of this program is to improve the concepts and skills in managing emergency care of the frontline healthcare providers.


● Emergency Medicine Overview

● Emergency Department Management

● Introduction & Evolution of Taiwan Emergency Medical System (EMS)

● Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training & Protocol Development

● Dispatch System & Dispatch Assist CPR

● Large Scale Burn Care

● Wound & Scar Care

● Pain & Infection Control

● and more...


● Burn Rehabilitation & Prevention Institution

● Emergency Department

● Fire Department

● Burn Center

● and more...


Digital Health

Taiwan has long been renowned for its technological advancement as well as a comprehensive healthcare system around the world and has developed one of the world’s largest national health banks (“My Health Bank” system) with the most coverage. In response to global trends, TIHTC is proud to announce the latest training course in digital health management to promote the digital development in the healthcare industry, and keep international healthcare professionals updated with cutting-edge systems and technology.

The course takes a deep dive into the current digital health trends, telemedicine, and health data management practices that cover the types of digital health systems, environment, organizational structures, human resource management, and case studies. Furthermore, the course will offer an introductory look at big data application in smart health and the trends in digital health.


● Introduction to eHealth System

● eHealth System Case Study

● Innovative Applications in Big Data Analysis on Health

● IoT & Digital Integration

● Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics

● AI in Healthcare

● Smart Hospital

● and more...


Customized Project Program

Customized project training programs can encompass healthcare related topics,such as disease prevention strategies, national health insurance, healthcare management, epidemiology and communicable diseases, emergency care,as well as health information technology. All programs are instructed by top medical professionals in Taiwan.

TIHTC welcomes prospective institutions to apply for customized group training programs that will be fully tailored to meet your development needs! Please send in an inquiry email to if you are interested.